Thursday, July 19, 2007


Before you decide to travel to Malaysia, you should first plan your vacation. Malaysia consists of Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah&Sarawak which separated by the South China Sea. (look at the map). If you have decided to go to Penang for example, you can get a pamplet to guide you from the travel agency. Learn to familiarize with Malay Language. Its a national language for Malaysia. If you want to greet someone "How are you?" say, "Apa Khabar?" . Below I listed down few words that can guide you a little.
  • Good Morning - Selamat Pagi
  • Eat - Makan
  • Sleep - tidur
  • How much? - Berapa?
  • Where? - Dimana?
  • What? - Apa
  • Movie theatre - panggung wayang
  • Taxi - teksi
  • Medicine - ubat
  • Noisy - bising
  • Don't be angry - jangan marah
  • Please or help - Tolong
  • Chnage - tukar
  • Map - peta
  • Road - Jalan

If you want to learn more? you can buy an English-Malay dictionary or learn language programme.

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